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The Sorting Space is a safe, confidential space consciously aim for men to talk and begin to work on their issues without judgement, prejudice or interpretation. It's a space for us to develop a trusting relationship, talk openly about what's happening for you, and how your emotions may be affecting you at this time in your life.


Some of the reasons people come to counselling include;

  • Sex or Relationship Issues

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Bullying, verbal, emotional or physical

  • Sexual abuse

  • Issues at work

  • Gay and bisexual issues or struggling to come out 

  • Coming to terms with loss, bereavement

  • Struggling to live an authentic life


 To book an appointment call Nathan on 01303 570137 / 07968806301 or email:


Earlsgate Clinic
11a Earls Avenue


CT20 2HW

  • In the UK men are 3 times more likely to commit suicide than women.

  • Suicide is the most common cause of death for men between age of 20-49


Despite these statistics men are much less likely to reach out for support compared to women.  Latest statistics suggest only 16% of counselling clients are men.


It's often the case that men don't know that there are places they can go to see a counsellor where they will feel comfortable to talk.


The Sorting Space was created with a conscious focus toward those identifying as male, offering a safe space to work through their feelings.  We can often find it difficult to open up to friends and family about our feelings.  There can often be a lot of anxiety around the idea of meeting and talking to someone we haven't met before.  


In counselling we will work together on developing a genuine trusting relationship, in a safe and confidential space so that you can start to feel free to open up and talk about your issues and emotions.

Contact Nathan:
01303 570137
07968 806301

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