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Earlsgate Clinic
11a Earls Avenue


CT20 2HW

Finding it difficult to talk about your feelings?

At times we might feel we are struggling, finding life difficult, or feeling stuck in a rut, unable to move forward. Counselling and psychotherapy is a safe space where we can talk about our feelings and emotions without any judgement or interpretation.

To arrange a counselling appointment 
call 01303 570137 / 07968 806301or email

Why do people come to Counselling?

Common reasons people may seek counselling and psychotherapy are when dealing with;

  •  Anxiety

  •  Depression

  •  Sex and Relationship Issues

  •  Historic sexual abuse  

  •  Gay and bisexual difficulties and concerns

  •  Struggling with identity, purpose or meaning in life 

  •  Bullying, verbal, emotional and physical

  •  Abandonment, Loss and Bereavement

  •  Overwhelming sadness or feelings
    of hopelessness and low self worth

About Counselling

Counselling and Psychotherapy is a place where without judgement or interpretation, a supportive and genuine trusting relationship can develop between you and your counsellor, allowing you to talk about and explore your feelings in a safe, confidential environment.   It is a way of learning about and understanding your thoughts better, of finding a way through difficulties and with the aim of coming out feeling more positive about yourself.

You are your own expert, and you hold the key to make the right changes to suit you.  In counselling, you work along side each other with the support you need to explore and develop your potential, to realise the changes you want to make for a happier, more productive and authentic life.

Contact Nathan:
01303 570137
07968 806301

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